The Activ8 finance

We are a boutique mortgage and finance business that combines our deep knowledge of finance with our passion for making a difference through education. We are Finance Brokers who specialise in educating our prospective clients on what finance options are available to them in order to assist with building their wealth.  We help prospective clients in the areas of credit advice, debt structuring, gearing strategies, debt recycling, mortgage minimisation and property selection coaching.

Our Focus

  • The client – We work for our client not the bank. We hold their hand through the process.
  • Customer service – It’s important for us to create a memorable customer service experience.
  • Integrity – Always having honest conversations and doing the right thing by our clients.
  • Committed – To getting the right Finance Solution for our clients.
  • Continuous improvement – Always looking for better ways to do things.

Client Benefits

  • Not restricted to one bank product, we have access to a wide range of lenders.
  • We work to get the right outcome for the client by negotiating directly with the banks.
  • Client avoids lending pitfalls, by trusting our experience in the industry.
  • Provide client with a holistic solution, not just home loans.
  • Convenience

Activ8 Finance is different to the banks and it’s competitors