Success Stories

We approached Activ8 Finance because we thought that we may be paying too much for our current mortgages, but hadn’t had much success in the past trying to get better terms from our lenders. We wanted to reduce the amount we were paying each month.

Cathy prepared an analysis which showed us how much we could save on each of our current loans by switching to alternative providers. We selected which provider we wanted to use and submitted the paperwork via Activ8. Our personal circumstances meant that there were a couple of hurdles along the way, but Activ8 helped to smooth the process by advocating for us with the lenders and our applications were accepted.

We are delighted with both the service we received from Activ8 and the end result. Using Activ8 has saved us a significant amount of money, which should ultimately mean that we can retire earlier than we had originally thought.

Peter Osborne ACT

We were having difficulties with the brokers who were not able to service our needs. We felt that these other brokers who we had used before were out of their depth with regard to the size of our property portfolio.

The service, experience and knowledge that Activ8 provided was exceptional and they were able to fulfil our needs. Activ8 were able to do what the other brokers couldn’t.

Activ8 got us two investment loans approved when our other broker couldn’t even get one approved. Activ8’s service level is exceptional and I would not hesitate to continue using your services in the future. I would also be more than happy to refer you to our friends and colleagues and have already done so.

Justin Kern NSW

I just wanted a competitive home loan rate and an easy process as this was my first time getting a home loan. Activ8 was very helpful in explaining what was going on and keeping me informed throughout the whole process. I was very pleased with the result and the service provided was outstanding.

Jessica Liston NSW

I’ve previously bought property and was happy with my mortgage broker, but when the time came to buy again, I was referred to Activ8 by a close friend who had used them previously and rated them highly. I’m not usually one to change when I’m onto a good thing, but I thought it was worth at least a meeting. To be honest, I went to the meeting purely to placate that part of my brain to say I tried another option. A mortgage broker is a mortgage broker right?

From the moment I sat down with Cathy I knew this was not the case. Cathy was more interested in what my personal and financial goals were; both long term & short term. Her aim was to not only get me approved for a loan, but to ensure that the loan was in line with both what I could afford with my current lifestyle, but also with what my future life was hopefully going to look like.

The support I received from the rest of her team was second to none. We had a hiccup along the way with the valuation, which left me scrambling for approval with a brand new lender to be ready for settlement. To make matters worse, it was during the Christmas break (settlement due 28/12). Marisa was amazing and was in the office whilst everyone else was out having fun, hounding the bank to process my loan.

In the end, everything came through on the day of settlement thanks to Cathy and her team. They made a point to keep me updated along the way and to say I felt supported is a massive understatement. I will certainly be coming back next time around and currently tell all of my friends to speak to Cathy before making any decisions.

Matt Barreca NSW

My wife Jade and I really wanted to have our own place here in Sydney, but with the astronomical cost of housing we thought of investing interstate for capital growth so we could use it later to buy our own home.

With this plan in mind, Activ8 Finance helped us understand our financial capacity and options available to us. They then looked for great offers from lending institutions to find us the best deal taking into consideration the cash we had so it wouldn’t impact on our monthly expenses.

After carefully assessing all our risks, we decided to go with our best option and then got approval from one of the lenders. Activ8 was with us every step of the way, they help guide and support us and explained every detail to us.

My wife has always been negative towards investing because of the daunting and complicated steps we had to take. But our first experience has given her so much confidence and so we are now planning for the next one.
Activ8 Finance is very professional, detailed and friendly. I have recommended them to a very close friend who now has his own investment property and is also extremely happy with his experience with Activ8.

Don Albao NSW

It is with pleasure and pride that I speak of my referral business experience with Cathy Brown from Activ8 finance.

Straight up, over fourteen years working in the investment property industry, Cathy Brown and her team are amazing at what they do.

Other brokers often act on what will work to serve their own needs first (easiest loan, best trial, least work, neglect clients structure) – Cathy Brown is the complete opposite with ethics and integrity as a true priority on what will work best for the client.

Cathy is a true pleasure to work with, she “looks under each and every rock” for her clients and she is so, passionate about finance.

If you told me that you had a requirement for finance yourself, then I would invite you to experience the services of Cathy Brown and her team at Activ8 Finance as I know that you would then be more than happy to refer her services to others as well.

Our two businesses do not allow of any money to change hands and yes, we trust each other to look after our valued clients, knowing that they will be looked after and only give advice and service that places the clients needs a priority.

As one of my client said to me (and he owns 9 properties) “Cathy just get’s it”… that she does.
Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you would like to discuss this further.

Michael Quinn
Wealth Efficiency NSW

I was looking to buy an investment property and refinance my existing home loan. Cathy and her team at Activ8 Finance came up with innovative solutions when the big banks could not.

The recommendations from Activ8 were also cost and tax effective. I have been extremely satisfied with Activ8’s attention to detail and service. I recommend Cathy and team without hesitation.

Andrew Bolton NSW